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HPack - Development officially started

heretic.pnghpackdevforum.pngYes, I know, for some of you it has already been more than obvious but now it's official: There will be a Heretic-based community project for ZDoom/GZDoom, although it's success still depends on the contributions and participants. But, I am looking forward to this anyway ;)

The development forum can be accessed at http://www.hpack.tk/ , so make sure to bookmark this link. If you are interested in contributing in any way - mapping, decorations, sprites, textures, sounds, actors or whatever - make sure to sign up as well. The more the better I guess.

Right now, we are still in the Resource Gathering phase and planning the borders for this ambitious project. As soon as we are through with this and the first resource build is done, we are going to start with mapping - but that doesn't mean you can't start yet. ;)

So without delaying this any further,
Cheers and I hope we see us at the dev board!
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