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Old News (09.09.2001)

doom2 months have now passed by since I dropped "Perforated Entrails"! Today I have taken a look at my favorite Doom Sites again! I saw several new projects popping out and I knew, their destiny should be the same as PE's one! I played around for a while with the ftp.cdrom stuff! And as always, I saw a lot of crappy shit and useless wads, but also great wads with lots of detail! I don't know why I did, but I took a look at the old PE Archive on one of my Doom CDs! Should I have checked it? Well, I did! I copied all the old and almost abandoned stuff on my hardrive... double klicked on "Perforated_Entrails(DM).bat" and run Skulltag with my maps!

I saw the nice architecture, the flood of details, the nice ST and ZDoom Effects... I felt the spirit of Doom! And I hit my head on the keyboard in front of me, because I now knew, what a stupid loser I have been! And now everything's changed! I will finish "Perforated Entrails" on my own, because I don't want to lose and I want to bring you guys this extensive Deathmatch Feeling!

All the Perforated Entrails Stuff is now placed on my Personal Webpage in the MYWORK Section! You will find a lot of new Screenshots and several other nice Info ;) Go check it!
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