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Wow, 150+ Beasts!

doom.pngWhen I started with the first instance of the official Realm667 Beastiary, I would have never thought how successful this is going to be. Today I added yet another bunch of misc. monsters and to my surprise there is a total of 157 entries in the archive now. Back in June 2007 , we started with only 60 entries from the old monster resource wad and now we have almost 3 times more. But actually, this is not what I wanted to say when I started writing this. Mostly I want to than all of you people that still stick to this old game and produce so many useful, innovative and challenging monsters to fill the Beastiary and make life easier for those people out there who are good mappers but not so good sprite artists or decorate coders. Thank you! :P

So what's new as well? It's already been 3 months since my last update I know, but I have been very busy with Doom-related stuff, just as always ;) HPack is running pretty well so far but I'd be happy to see some more activity - especially from the mappers that signed up to do some stuff. Some maps are already finished but others don't seem to have even begun, so I guess it's time to point that out ;) The link to the dev forum is still the same, so get up your asses guys! ;)

statusbarfullscreen.jpgFor one better running active project there is even some news concerning Stronghold! The team has been working hard in the past few weeks, especially the past few days - thanks to some motivation boost by AgentME ;) - and we are pretty sure that Stronghold will make it before 2010, so we even will have a chance to get us some Cacoward if the community decides it's good enough to get one, but I am filled with hope. So what's been done and what's left to do? The whole script revamp by AgentME is done about 95% and thanks to Torr Samaho's help and support, the whole thing will work pretty fine in Skulltag as soon as the next official version is released. The fullscreen and statbar hud is fully operational (yes I started to learn SBARINFO Unschuldig) and except two maps which are mostly finished, the mapping department is done. Only few things next to the INTERMAP optimization and the final beta test are left to do, and I guess that might be somewhat a surprise for all those people who already declared Stronghold as "abandoned" or "dead" - sorry to disappoint you guys, but this is really going to be finished ;)

So stay tuned and expect some more news in the upcoming weeks,
Cheers, Dan
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