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16 years of Doom

doom.pngworstwad.pngI honestly have no idea if there is another game around here that still has such a large and active community and this already for 16 years now. But hey, I am happy with it, and it was time to celebrate another year of great releases and achievements that keeps the game alive! ;)

I just read the Annual Cacowards while being at work and I was absolutely shocked regarding the fact that I haven't released a single wad in 2009 (...damn, that hasn't happen that often in the past few years since I am actively working on Doom projects Unentschlossen): I won a Cacoward! Well, not sure if I should be very happy about it considering which one it was ;)

"Despite the title, this is not a dig on the author. [..] Tormentor's guide has some useful hints, but they don't matter if you don't have an understanding of texture layout, architecture and flow."
Not as worse as really getting a "Worst Wad" award without actually releasing a wad :D But taking a look at the editing tutorials I really have the feeling that I improved a lot in the past years since I wrote the article and meanwhile I even think that some parts of it should be rewritten or enhanced. Comparing my latest Stronghold efforts with things I have made then doesn't make me feel proud ;)

Nevermind, I just wanted to add that the jury and reviewers made a very good job this year as every project that I had in mind for a Cacoward actually got one, mostly Cutmanmike who really deserved one for his work with Ghouls vs Humans (also considering that he already came with new gamemode ideas for ZDoom, that man is crazy! :P)

Oh and for those of you who are wondering: "Why is Stronghold still not released?" Don't expect it in 2009. I already wrote this in a more detailed form in several community forums, but to make things short: Quality is more important then rushing a project out just for the sake of having a chance for a Cacoward! Sure, getting one would make us very proud but ensuring that people have fun playing it without any bugs or problems is more important and that's why we concentrate on making Stronghold as perfect as it can be. Expect a release 2010 - by using Blizzard's most famous phrase - just "when it's done!"

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