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Realm667 Forums officially online!

group.pngI know, I already said that a hundred times before: There will never be a forum on Realm667, never, ever! Oh yeah, and here it is, the official Realm667 messageboard Schreiend So why did that happen although I never wanted to add one? Quite simple, it is all Ghastly's fault!

"Ghastly Dragon": Someone on ZDoom's IRC channel said you should make your own forum for R667, for the Beastary, Armory, SFX Shoppe,
"Ghastly Dragon": I figured that would be pointless, until I realized that I could pretty much get a guaranteed moderator position, there. :P
"Ghastly Dragon": Would be good to keep things organized, though. There could be a forum for the armory, beastary, and SFX shoppe, and each has a subforum for added or rejected submissions. :P
Well, and I just did it, the forum's meat consists mostly of submission and discussion forums for the Realm667 resource sites, as well as some other general stuff, every kind of forum has. Beyond, I also moved the HPack development forum to the Realm667 board now, as it is a more reliable host with much less advertisement spam.

So, feel free to register, submit your work, contribute to HPack or just spam, whatever you like more! You can access it by clicking on the link at the left or simply by using www.realm667.com/board :P
Cheers, Torm
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