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Torment & Torture 3?

doomHehe, today I got this stupid bilingual site system to work :) Thx goes to Nemesis aka Evaluator who  has coded me this thing. And because of this, I provide you know with the latest two screenshots of my TNT3 which is still untitled :)preview2.jpg

As you can see, it isn't that brown as TNT2 was supposed to be but I think brown is the only way to get a dark and deadly atmosphere in a doom map (I hate about that overcolored kindergarden maps >:|) and so, preview1.jpg TNT3 makes no exception. What features do you have to encounter in TNT3? Well, I added some nice scripting things like snow for example and also, you will have to face new enemies like the "Soul Harvester" and the "Enhanced Cacodemon". The nice thing about it: I haven't had to overwrite old doom enemies, I just inserted Heretic and Hexen ones and altered them to be doomish (new sprites, new sounds, etc.). I am really sure, you will like the final product. So, stay tuned...
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