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Tormentor's Unreleasables & The Good Old Friend

doomHello fools, today, my good old friend Boris "Vasago" B. formerly known as XXXX (this has been censored by Vasago's wish ;) got his internet connection back again so it was time to chat for a while and for sure, playing Doom online via ZDaemon. Nevertheless, this brought us into a discussion about our abandoned and cancelled Doom projects from about 1998 to 2001 - yeah, I was dooming before I had the possibility to inform me over the www. To get into a Doom editor and to know more about the functionality, we tried everything out and played around with Deu5.x together and in this phase of developement, we started several projects but never got one finished. By chance, I will put up a small history but for now, I've just provided you with a small new section called "Unreleaseables" :) Here you will find my first doom maps I have ever created. It goes without saying, that they don't match today's standards and they would surely fit well in Mockery/Mock 2 but they are not all that bad :) Give it a try!

BTW, when Vasago was online, he wanted me to give him updated Doom map and gfx editors and all the stuff that goes with it... maybe, he is "doomed" again... :)
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