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doomHi Doomers, at the moment, it is 9:37 PM in Germany and as you can imagine, I am still working on Torment & Torture 3. As everyone knows, the final episode of a trilogy must be the most amazing one and as far as TNT is supposed to be a trilogy, I am really working hard on it and I put a lot of effort in my final maps... yes, maps :) This time, TNT is going to have 2 "chapters", the first one is the glacier thingie (with all the technical buildings, mining facilites (<-- check screenshot) and cold snow parts) and the second one will be the final part with the Fortress of Damnation, a floating island with a castle on it (thx goes to skybox(tm) :). preview3.jpg At the moment, I'm just asking for mining facility decorates to get the mines as entertaining as possible! Certainly, there is still a lot of work to do but I think, TNT3 will be released somehwere around the end of this month, so be sure to watch out for the next page update and grab the wad! :)

Oh and yes, almost forgot to inform you: Vasago finally put his page back online (just german, I'm looking forward towards a translateion, hehe) with a doom section and we likely will start a new project, deathmatch for ZDoom 2.0 but this time we don't commit ourselves on a release or anything like that. If we fail again, we don't want to disappoint the community. And if we succeed, we'll let you know :)
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