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Long summer break

doom.pngHello my beloved fellow Doomers,
it has been a while since my last update here on the Realm667 so I thought it has been about time to give you a small news item keeping you on track. I have been very busy in the past few months with my job, my final exams and also moving to a new flat, so I hadn't much time to do any Doom-related stuff lately. Nevermind, "not much" doesn't mean "nothing", so there are actually a few things I'd like to mention.

First at all, Realm667 turned 10 Years in May 2010! (Ghastly already mentioned how funny it is, that I didn't have an internet connection while that happened.. well, I wasn't amused Schreiend) When I first started with my page 10 years ago, I never would have imagined how this place would turn out a decade later. I really want to thank everyone who's visiting this place from time to time, everyone who is helping me with maintaining the site and everyone who keeps the forums alive - you people are great and I am glad that this place is still online now, 10 years after I have started "Tormentor's Realm667" at Geocities.com! If you want to find out a bit more about this page, feel free to read the Site History , with a closer insight-view.

The next main issue is the main project I am working on at the moment, called Stronghold (yes, the one that should have already been released 7 months ago). I know, waiting can be a pain, and I know that there are people outside who just won't wait any longer but I promise: This will be released and not abandoned in any way. It's just that there are still things left to be done, especially in the Gameplay Department. We really won't disappoint you and we are doing our best to make it as perfect as possible, but these kinda things actually take time. But don't worry... there isn't much left to be done, that's for sure ;)

Oh, and before I forget it, we have a "The Beast 2010" contest running in our forums, so if you are interested and if you have some time left, get your ass up and prepare something ;)

That's all for today, stay tuned!
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