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Stronghold - Release!

doom.pngYes, it was about time!
Finally, after a development of several endless years, Stronghold is finally released as RC1 and can be downloaded here or on our official launch site at DRDTeam.org (http://stronghold.drdteam.org). So, what can you expect?

stronghold01.jpg"You know Doom, it is always the same, get some weapons, infiltrate the destroyed UAC base or demon hive, kill all the monsters and hellspawn and find the exit switch. This was Doom... until now: Stronghold is a mixture of Unreal Tournament's Assault mode and Skulltag's Invasion mode. Defend your Stronghold against hundreds of monsters, divided into several waves. Earn points, get rewards between waves and let no single enemy pass!"

stronghold02.jpgStronghold is a dooming experience that's very different from what you might have played so far, but it really deserves a try, especially the multiplayer mode for which we have worked so hard to balance it. The game is one huge hub with 35 different Stronghold UAC bases that you need to defend, where there are different goals to achieve (e.g. let no single enemy pass the deadline or defend a powercore agains the demons). For your support, there is a huge arsenal of weapons and powerup items you can collect and/or buy in the interactive intermission base from where you start your missions. There is so much to discover and so much content to play through, hopefully you will enjoy the game. The new approach towards the legions of demons and also the countless gimmicks, specials and easter eggs we have implemented will make up for a very unique Dooming experience, this is what we promise you. ;)

stronghold04.jpg Also take a closer look at our community forum for the project, hosted by DRDTeam.org - thanks for the support! Here you will find information towards the gamemodes, the different powerups and weapons and also on the project itself, just by clicking this link. Other than that, have fun and give us some feedback while playing through this, as the real v1.0 is in the need of some adjustments I guess - just as it is always with projects of such a large scale - before we can do the /idgames upload. :)

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