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doomToday I have finally uploaded screenshots for my X-Mas Deathmatch and Map01RemixesV2, so you can take a look at them before you are going to download anything. And to prevent another update like this, I added also previews to the Perforated Entrails desktop themes because I know, nobody wants to download a cat in a bag.
I am also almost finished with giving the forum the correct "Tormentor667" look, means, borders' width is 2 pixel, colors fit the homepage and almost every single button has been uploaded. The only things left to do are the PHP stuff (so the forum is placed directly in this part of the page; Nemesis aka Evaluator is helping me with this, thx alot dude!) and placing a button in the left menu gfx. :)

Here we go now with the very important part :) The final episode in our TNT3 saga nears finalisation and its first beta version for the testers (if you want to be beta tester, enter my forum and tell me!!!). Today I finished part one of this "doublemap". Some may ask: "What?! Just part 1 is finished?!" and I will answer: "Yes" :D but part 2 is going to be a very short map, like an arena (map07, e3m8) where you will have to fight against a few new bosses on a castle in a huge lavasea :) In my next update, I will reveal a screenshot of this scenery and for then, this will be the last screenshot before the final release of TNT3 (I don't want to shoot out all the good stuff before anyone has played the thing :). So, have a nice weekend :)

Update (10:14 PM): My TNT3 Map02 progress is faster then I ever thought. Large parts of the main lava area and the castles and towers in there are finished (also the atmospherical stuff like ambient sounds and skybox). If everything works fine and if I find some good sounds for my boss character, TNT3 beta testing will start on sunday :)
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