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...the way id updated

##### ...the way id updated I noticed that "Doom the way id did" received an updated a few days ago brining it up to v1.1. If you haven't downloaded it yet, make sure to grab the latest version just here or take a closer look at the changes in the official release thread at ZDoom.org (or other community pages). Beyond numerous fixes and tweaks, the new version also features completely new intermission art by Kracov what makes the project now even more perfect. Beyond, Xaser announced that there will also be a sequel that aims for a total recreation of Doom 2 - not a surprise, but something we are looking forward to.

'90s Commercial WADs - ZDoom'ed!

##### '90s Commercial WADs - Brought to ZDoom! The demos of Hell to Pay and Perdition's Gate, two commercially released PWADs by the now-defunct Wraith Co have been ported to ZDoom (but is easily compatiable for any version, from barebones Skulltag to Zanondrum). ZH2P and ZPG have roughly the first half of maps from their original counterparts, now using coloured lighting, slopes, lifts and doors with variable speeds, and some new content like more weapons, foes, and epic tunes from Duke Nukem Total Meltdown by Mark Knight and Duke it out in D.C., as well as some wacky mini-games! Plus, the second half of Perdition's Gate's maps, entitled 'Evil Excavation' has the entire bundle of guns from both! Get them now! (ZH2P/ZPD, ZEE)

"Blade of Agony is too hard!"

boa playthroughBlade of Agony Chapter 2 has been released abotu one week ago and the feedback has been very amazing so far. Still we noticed that some people have a problem with the difficulty curve of the maps, that's why I am writing this news issue. So what can be done? The first option you have is to play on a weaker difficulty setting (for example "Morgenspaziergang") if the one you have chosen is too hard. Also think of Blade of Agony as a less arcade-style shooter than Doom itself. There is still a lot of action going on but you are not a super-powerful space marine, so enemies are supposed to be more of a danger than Imps or Zombiemen are. If you are still in trouble we'd suggest watching pagb666's brillaint Let's Play videos showcasing all secrets and an excellent walkthrough through all episodes - Chapter 1 | Chapter 2. If you are still running into problems, please let us know!

"Brotherhood of the Ruin" sequel

##### alt One of the past years greatest mapsets has been definitely Brotherhood of the Ruin (original download) by Kristian Aro. Many of us have been desperately waiting for a sequel to this - and damn, today is your lucky today - The Lost Temple has just been announced. It's currently under heavy development and it will definitely take some time until it's released but you can follow Kris' progress in the official Doomworld thread, take a look at some screenshots and also get an idea what you can expect.

"Shadows of the Reich" Trailer

Shadows of the Reich"You are imprisoned, the Reich continues to develop their technological advantage and the Allied forces are being pushed back on all fronts. Time for your escape, William." After another 6 months of development we actually can't wait for the release of the final trailer for Chapter 2 from Blade of Agony in just about one week. If you feel the same, we have prepared a short trailer for you about "Shadows of the Reich" which can be considered - just the way George Lucas would like it - as the dark part of the trilogy. Expect the unexpected, watch the trailer now and get psyched!

Read more: "Shadows of the Reich" Trailer

"Winter is coming" (tm)

##### alt Several weeks ago we have already reported some progress and a demo release of Pyroscourge's Winter's Fury. For those of you who have already liked that and have been waiting eagerly for the final release, I have some good news for you: It's out, finally! Expect 8 maps of awesome atmospheric and absolutely icey gameplay with lots of twists and surprises in every single aspect that is important for a good looking release... damn, today it's a good day for every single doomer!

[ECWolf] Wolfenstein Missions: Second Encounter gets beta release

And now for something completely different: Author MSPaintR0cks, who one might know of his excellent standalone Shadow of the Wool Ball and Rise of the Wool Ball games, comes Wolfenstein Missions: Second Encounter in a beta release. The first part (Aptly named First Encounter) was released three years ago, so its time for a follow up. Its the second installment in Woolie Wool's Wolfenstein Missions series bringing a new array of enemies, weapons and  levels that should make the game a title in its own right, rather than an addon of the original Wolf3D. To that effect, the ECWolf source port  is used to bring the oldskool gameplay to a modern retro-fps base whilst still being visually the game that started off the FPS craze in the 90s. Featuring a remixed soundtrack by AstroCreep, Wolfenstein Missions: Second Encounter is one to look out for if you want to step away from the shores of hell and into the heart of the Reichsbunkers.

[Road to Wolfenstein] Devblog 09 | Mapping "The 3rd Reich"

From the beginning we had a certain philosophy when it came to map design: "Every mission has to be unique." Taking a look at the first two chapters which have already been released, I can say we managed to keep up with that. From a desert excavation in Tunis over the snow-covered vulcano of Icelend to the liberation of France's capital Paris - no single map is like the other, there is so much to discover and I can still promise you that there is little to no repetition through all the places you have already visited.

Chapter 3 doubles down

Ideas for the first chapters have been quick at hand. For the third and final chapter, things have been more difficult at first - that's why we can't estimate a release date yet. How can we outperform maps like Astrostein? Don't restrict your imagination. For The Final Confrontation (the 3rd chapter's title has been changed and is an homage to Wolfenstein 3D) we have pushed the boundaries once again, closer to the limits that the GZDoom engine reasonably can handle. In the upcoming version of Blade of Agony you can expect the unexpected.

/newstuff #390

##### /newstuff #390 Today Doomworld's /newstuff edition #390 has been published. Expect several reviews fron random persons about random wads heavily varying in terms of quality, engine-type and experience - just as always. This time I'd personally recommend Waste Vats and Maintenance Sewers if you are into classic Doom-styled maps with the certain E1-feeling. Also the Russian Speedmapping Contest 6 is worth playing as it shows off several cool submissions that provide a nice style and over-par quality, even though it's "just a speedmap".

/Newstuff #392

##### /Newstuff #392 Well it's one of those times of the month when a new edition of the Newstuff Chronicles gets released. The 392nd edition features reviews on maps both new-ish and pretty old. What caught my eye was the "Plutonia: Revisited Community Project" which, if you know your community projects, presents a wide variety of maps which go from downright fantastic to "Eh, it's alright." If you like community megawads and plutonia style maps, that's a project worth trying out. Another interesting wad that got reviewed was an appraised wad by the name of "Vanguard." 

Interestingly enough, 2 Tormentor667 branded projects also got reviewed, both "The City of the Damned: Apocalypse" and "Austerity: A Simplicity Tribute." One was just a mention of the recent widescreen fix for Apocalypse and the other an actual review. Not sure what the point of mentioning the widescreen fix on Apocalypse as a review was, but it's there. It's a little surprising that Austerity got reviewed since it's decently well known and has been floating around for quite some time.

/Newstuff #393

##### /Newstuff #393 Another edition of /newstuff brings us...not much to look at. A few not-so-appeasing maps and mods got released but within the bunch of below average to average pwads there's a few rather interesting finds.

"Pandora's Box" is a good old-school wad that's worth checking out, while "Sacrament" is a good looking mapset, that despite some gameplay issues might still be worth taking a look at. A new version of the all too well known "Beautiful Doom" got a mention as well, so there's that.

Overall nothing outstanding, but there's still always something worth taking some time out of your day to try out.
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