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The Triad has returned!

##### The Triad has returned!
The long awaited sequel to Apogee's classic "Rise of the Triad" has been released and even though it's just a fangame, El Zee made definitely more than a simple homage. Expect an almost 1:1 conversion of ROTT's gameplay style and resources but also many more features that go far beyond the original game.
  • All the original weapons from ROTT
  • All the enemies from ROTT
  • Ludicrous Gibs (flying eyes, etc.)
  • Dog Mode / Gode Mode / Mecury Mode / Shrooms mode
  • Gas rooms
  • Traps from the original ROTT
  • Moving walls incl. pushwalls
  • Trampolines
  • Multiplayer / Co-op compatible
...and many more features! Wether or not you liked the "Rise of the Triad" this is still a must-play, so go and get "The Return of the Triad" just now. (you need ZDoom in order to play it)
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