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Retro News #2 - Nigel's little place of Doom

##### Retro News #2 - Nigel's little place of Doom Exactly ten years ago, on the 15th of July 2001, Enjay updated his little place of Doom with a new DEHACKED tutorial (and teasing with Aspects screenshots, just as it was usual). People who joined the communty recently will grow up with the power of DECORATE, MAPINFO and EDF, not even knowing how things have been achieved in the past. Though, for some of us, who still work on plain vanilla or boom projects might be interested in these tutorials. The original page is unfortunately not available anymore but you can still find a working copy here. Wether you need it or not, it's definitely interesting to learn a bit more about the basics of Doom and the way things have been handled in the past.
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