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There's life in the old dog yet

##### There's life in the old dog yet After a century (at least that's what it felt like) there is a new release of the client/server sourceport ZDaemon fixing countless bugs and brining it to v1.09. It's just a beta version at the moment but the changes and updates look very promising.

  • New Picture-In-Picture feature when spectating duels.
  • "DVD-like" playback controls (play/pause/forward/backward) while watching demos.
  • New "double domination" mode.
  • Team radar that shows the position of teammates in all team modes.
  • Built in railgun, zooming (sniper scope) and an instagib mode.
  • New, highly customizable font system, offering improved readability of console and ingame messages.
  • Improved unlagged.
  • Much smoother movement for higher ping players.
  • Clients can control the number of incoming packets (user-selectable fineticks).
  • Tons of coop fixes that will make the mode much more enjoyable!
  • Greatly improved Heretic support.
  • Increased playerlimit from 16 to 50.
  • Working polyobjects.
  • Much improved wine support (linux) for the launcher and ZRC.
  • Several new DMFLAGS for improved fidelity to doom2.exe.
  • Improved team balancing; it should result in more balanced team games.
  • A new update mechanism in ZLauncher that ensures proper and easy updates of all game related files. The mechanism will significantly simplify later upgrades to newer (beta or final) versions.

A complete list of changes and the download link can be found on the official homepage.
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