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/Newstuff #392

##### /Newstuff #392 Well it's one of those times of the month when a new edition of the Newstuff Chronicles gets released. The 392nd edition features reviews on maps both new-ish and pretty old. What caught my eye was the "Plutonia: Revisited Community Project" which, if you know your community projects, presents a wide variety of maps which go from downright fantastic to "Eh, it's alright." If you like community megawads and plutonia style maps, that's a project worth trying out. Another interesting wad that got reviewed was an appraised wad by the name of "Vanguard." 

Interestingly enough, 2 Tormentor667 branded projects also got reviewed, both "The City of the Damned: Apocalypse" and "Austerity: A Simplicity Tribute." One was just a mention of the recent widescreen fix for Apocalypse and the other an actual review. Not sure what the point of mentioning the widescreen fix on Apocalypse as a review was, but it's there. It's a little surprising that Austerity got reviewed since it's decently well known and has been floating around for quite some time.
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