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Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack - 2011

##### Christmas Extraveganza Map Pack - 2011 Are you tired of the constant disappointing Christmas mods which just don't quite cut it for you? It's understandable. After all, developers are only willing to put so much work into a project which is going to be played only once a year. CEMP11 is a deathmatch extravaganza packed to the brim with holiday cheer, new features and completely unexpected content such as bearded killers and lunar anomalies. What truly sets this mod apart from the others is the fact that the developers aren't starting from scratch, but rather from where they left off last year. This allows for the release of a well-developed map pack which each year has the opportunity of being better than the last. The announced release date of the project this year is December 8th. It is speculated that the thread for this project may appear a few days prior to the release, so keep your eyes peeled!
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