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Needs more ReX

##### Needs more ReX If you are into classic homages, this was definitely a week for you. In case you missed it: ReX has released two of his projects which have already been in production for several months now and are - at least in my opinion - a must-have and -play for every kind of Doomer, especially those who already loved mods like Knee-Deep in ZDoom or The Ultimate Needs More Detail. The first project is Deimos : Slight Return, a collection of nine maps that attempt to capture the look and feel of the original Episode 2 and do pretty well at that. The other one is actually more a collaboration project from the Persecution Complex called The Phobos Directive, a mod filled with numerous new content (different monster behaviour, lots of eyecandy) and maps that are a mixture of new areas and little parts that resemble the original areas of E1. It catches the good old Phobos theme quite well but adds a new twist in terms of gameplay. Get them both, and thanks to the authors for these brilliant releases!
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