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Joom, Jlutonia & Jevolution!

##### Joom, Jlutonia & Jevolution! Sometimes I am pretty surprised how I can miss releases like that. I just noticed that Jimmy91's amazing 32-map project Jenesis is on /idgames and already released for a while now. In the description James wrote that each map is intended to follow a specific theme reminiscent of the brilliantly nostalgic themes that are present in the original IWADs, such as Doom 1's episodes, the unmistakeable Plutonia and TNT themes, and there are even dashes of Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta. As such, the architecture here is kept relatively simple, detail to a minimum, but layout and gameplay are first priority. I haven't had the chance to play through the whole mappack yet, but the first maps do a brilliant job so far and it is definitely worth being mentioned here. A download link, screenshots and further information can be found in the official development thread on Doomworld.
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