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DJ Grymmoire on the tables

##### DJ Grymmoire on the tables Some of the lucky ones out of you already stumbled upon this thread in the ZDoom forums, but most of the mappers around have most likely missed it. It's about a project spearheaded by Grymmoire focused around a very interesting and also demanding mapping idea, the Doom Fusion Mapping.

Grymmoire says: "The very basic premise of Fusion Mapping is to take two classic maps from any Doom iwad (Ultimate, Doom 2, Final [plutonia/tnt]) and combine their layouts and themes in such a way as to create a new, yet nostalgic experience. Kind of like KDiZD tried to do...but instead of merely recreating one map you're recreating two maps in one."

In my eyes a brilliant idea, especially considering the shots that have already been released so far. Time to get more attention and time to get some more contributors and mappers joining the team - it's definitely worth considering!
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