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##### TDCMP2 - DAFUQ! Before people start shouting, this is NOT OFFICIAL YET [UPDATE] TOTALLY OFFICIAL NOW, actually it's just a thought with some rules, guidelines and information attached. But yeah, something's going on concerning this. If you do not know what I am talking about, just take a look at this page and come back again after reading this.

Some of you might already be part of the community for more than 5 years and might have even be part of the development of the first ZDCMP. After this, people started a second one, but unfortunately it was a total disaster and ended in an abandoned batch of data which saw never the light of day. I did some research, tracked down what went wrong and now after 7 years, I had the feeling that it's time for a successor (and as the word implies, hopefully with success this time).

Is this already a call for contributors and supporters? Well, not yet, but it can become one, depending on the resonance. Some more information can be read in the ZDoom thread, so just take a look at this one if you have questions. Other than that, if you are interested but you have the feeling that you suffer time: No problem, all you need (or all you get) is actually 2 days of work for your room/area/whatever you want to add. So no matter if you are currently working on something else, if you have a lot of reallife issues, or if you do not feel like working too long on a project, it's pretty easy to offer 2 days without getting a mappers block or what else... think about it.

Well then, enough feedback, resonance and interest for this to make it real. The ZDoom Community Map Project 2 has officially been started, check the development forum here on the Realm667 to join us, read the rules and guides and get your slot. This time it's for real and this time it will live up to its  predecessor - that's what we aim for.
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