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##### What's in progress? I was browsing through the latest interesting projects in progress lately and thought it would be kind to share what I've discovered so far. An interesting megawad currently in development seems to be Uplink Delta by Dusk, a multimap project which varies a lot in terms of theme and style. If you are a big fan of the Playstation edition of Doom, you might be looking forward to Scalliano's Threshold of Pain 2 - actually colored lighting at its best. Dutch Devil is currently working on a remake of the NDCP2 map The Hive - more detail, better gameplay, and overall improvement. Wanna go for a shopping trip? Get your moneybag and visit Phobos City by Aleksandrs as soon as it is done. You most propably won't find a nice dress but enough imps to keep your shotgun warm. If you are a big fan of KDitD, you might be interested in shothoth's remake of The Hangar from Doom. It's definitely different from KDiZD but still playing and reliving the good old feeling is always worth a shot. The city of love and baguettes filled with demons and hellspawn? Well, no idea if that will ever happen but iceman57's Paris at Night seems to be a nicely developed fictional scenario for that. Last but not least, Bunny Usagi 1 is developing a project called Recon Obsolete which seems to be quite atmospheric with all these GZDoom dynamic lights... as you see, lots of interesting stuff in the pipeline - stay tuned!
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