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Relive Blood with Caleb Versus Nazis

Community Relive Blood with Caleb Versus Nazis "The Cabal are back, a religious group, robed and armed to the teeth, infamous for their mass murders in towns and butchery, their evil spells and genetic experiments to raise the dead and create new monsters, their powerful tehnology and weaponry that have led them to be more than a force to be reckoned with. Caleb had set off to destroy the Cabal and Tchernobog for their betrayal during the era of the 1920s."

Fight your way into Berlin, through the Nazis fighting fanatically, and finally find Hitler in hiding. Destroy him. Destroy as many Cabal and Demons as you can, travel through teleporters that will take you to the Netherrealm, and, with the power of an ancient scroll, destroy Tchernobog, the God who betrayed you years ago and who was banished deep in the Netherream but not fully destroyed, once and for all. Battle it out with new weapons against Blood-style foes and the classic Doom monsters. Spill chunks of flesh and pools of blood with the extra gore. Fight through the two chapters, then play through the third chapter, a challenge mode, through the deathmatch maps...then have a DM! See the trailer and get it here.
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