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/newstuff #420

##### /newstuff #420 Today it's the first time for this autumn in Germany that we get some snow here in the south. The weather is terrible, it's saturday - it's actually the best opportunity to take a look through the latest /newstuff chronicles. After a quick look through all of the submissions, I really suggest to take a closer look at DutchDevil's Evil Unleashed II, which is a nice mashup between different original Doom styles. If you are more into Titan 1024 style of maps, you can also find a nice mapset called Onslaught by Henri Lehto. It's small, it's cramped but it looks good and mostly also plays quite well. Last but not least, Realm667's very own The Refinery got its decent and fair review done by TheGreenHerring - it's definitely worth a read (as it is also worth to play) and will most propably help in terms of further project development.
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