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Where is Xaser?

Xaser Where is Xaser? aka "Where is the ZDCMP2?" - Well, as people don't stop bothering me by asking what happened to the ZDCMP2, it is time to start gathering a global search & rescue team for the one and only Judas we are waiting for: Xaser. We all love him for his addiction, we all love him for his enthusiasm, but we only love him, when this is dedicated to Doom. But where has he gone? And where is the latest public release candidate of ZDCMP2 he took with him? Nobody knows, nobody dares to ask. Rumour has it that he got lost somewhere on Pandora, but who knows what's actually happening to him. Our main goal is to bring him back, to give him cookies and some tea, to give him enough motivation to tweak the final things left to be done on the community project so we can officially start with the public beta tests. So, if you are also eager to see what we have done so far ... our only chance is to catch Xaser - go for it :)
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