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ZDCMP2 didn't die the morde(a)th

##### ZDCMP2 didn't die the morde(a)th
Some of you might have thought it is dead - or at least mordead - or Xaser is hugging it for all eternity. Fortunately it is time to proof it's different: The ZDCMP2 is finished! ...well, almost. After numerous days, weeks and months of lazy delaying work, we are finally proud to announce that the team is finished with our work. Though this doesn't mean we are done with the ZDCMP2. Now it's your turn to use the time for the public beta tests so we can clean out everything that we have missed so far. Take your time, play the mod and support us making this perfect by posting bugs in the bugtracker over at the Realm667 - if you dare :) (in case you are scared, disable Javascript and no evil malware will be able to hijack your machine). You can find an official thread over at ZDoom.org where you will also be able to download the latest version.
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