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A taste of Blood to come... ZBlood+

##### A taste of Blood to come... ZBlood+
A few days ago, Michaelis has released his project ZBlood+ as a little 9-map demo. It's high time at least something was shown to all interested parties (if any exist). And now, ZBlood+ finally has something to show. If you haven't played ZBlood, or just Blood, you can still enjoy it if you're interested in: infiltrating sinister cults, ludicrous gibs, red rains, horror movies, playing zombie head soccer, Doom not looking like Doom, more or less scary more or less atmosphere, and at the same time great fun blasting things.
Demo Version contains first nine levels of ZBlood, modified so that they run better with truer balance of ZBlood+. They're also a little bit changed here and there. I tested balance by playing it on the highest difficulty, and, trust me, it's possible. And really challenging. More information and a link can be found in the ZDoom-development.thread.
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