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'90s Commercial WADs - ZDoom'ed!

##### '90s Commercial WADs - Brought to ZDoom! The demos of Hell to Pay and Perdition's Gate, two commercially released PWADs by the now-defunct Wraith Co have been ported to ZDoom (but is easily compatiable for any version, from barebones Skulltag to Zanondrum). ZH2P and ZPG have roughly the first half of maps from their original counterparts, now using coloured lighting, slopes, lifts and doors with variable speeds, and some new content like more weapons, foes, and epic tunes from Duke Nukem Total Meltdown by Mark Knight and Duke it out in D.C., as well as some wacky mini-games! Plus, the second half of Perdition's Gate's maps, entitled 'Evil Excavation' has the entire bundle of guns from both! Get them now! (ZH2P/ZPD, ZEE)
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