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Caleb Versus Nazis - Special Edition!

##### Caleb Versus Nazis - Special Edition!
A sequel was made for Caleb Versus Nazis but was never released. Months later, the project was resurrected, refurbished and refined, making the Special Edition! New foes and weaponry; 20+ exciting maps with improved design, scripting and patches; DM maps compatable for single-player/co-op boss fights or for proper bloodbaths; frightening music; coloured lighting and more cheesy one-liners; three secret levels to find; a revamped story; and all with a handy manual to explain more on foes and weapons if you're confused.
Commence the BloodBath once again and sink your talons into this fresh and fun WAD, compatable for Skulltag, ZDoom and Zandronum! Created by WiiStation360Games/Astroman9991 and 1Tristan2.
Download link! Or, find it on YouTube!
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