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ZDoom Port - Burning Vengeance

##### ZDoom Port - Burning Vengeance This is it! The fourth and final chapter to the Wraith Company ZDoom-port storyline! The fourth marine must head to the heart of the invasion, Planet Hell, and destroy them for good with a M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) bomb. However, she crash-lands on the scum-infested I.C.F base on Io, which needs liberating, and fast. After that, find your ship and head towards the wormhole that Planet Hell is using to send forth their army, and destroy the Planetary Reactor that was absorbed from Io into their own zone.

With 14 levels, 2 secret levels, and some awesome levels such as the Demon Chow food facility, the friggin' big crane and the vile temple of demons, it's a must-have, must-play WAD! Download it now!
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