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The Inquisitor is back!

##### The Inquisitor is back! "Eh? What? I have never heard of the first part at all!" Anyway, most propably a lot of people will have this problem that I have, but nevertheless, The Inquisitor 2 has just been released and it looks and plays like a blast. It's one of those times that out of nowhere, someone releases a project you have never waited for. Shadowman's recent release is exactly that. So what says the author about his work? "It's a single map about doomguy who got into an unfamiliar dimension and had to disentangle local troubles to get the opportunity to return home. This wad is a prequel to the previously released "The Inquisitor", narrating the events leading up stories that take place in "The Inquisitor". ...well, I guess it's time for me to look for the sequel erm... prequel... erm... whatever now. Meanwhile, feel free to check part 2.
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