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HPack is alive - time to get to work!

##### HPack is alive - time to get to work! It has already been ages, and considering that HPack is now in progress for actually over 10 years (yes, what was meant to be my personal project aka Netherworld has turned into the community effort known as HPack), I guess it's about time to revive the project, get mappers, coders and members active again. The list of maps has been cleaned, quality under-par maps have been removed, stuff has been fixed, discussions have been solved and I am currently working on H1M10 again. And while Gez is working on ZDCMP2, people can concentrate on Heretic-themed things again, that's what I hope at least. So, if you are reading this and if you are part of HPack, please report back in the forum and get to work again. If you aren't but know people who are involved, let them know - or simply join us, no matter if you are a tester, a mapper, a coder, a gfx'er or anything else that might be of use.
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