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Filling in the gaps

##### Filling in the gaps NiGHTMARE is one of the most famous people in the community, not only for maps and well-known projects but especially for his genious work on stock textures. Lately he has released a texture pack that started out in celebration of Doom 2's birthday later in the year, and was originally intended simply to "fill in the gaps" in the Doom 2 texture naming scheme. For instance, RW11_4, RW13_2 through RW13_4, RW14_2 through RW14_4 and the entire set of RW17 textures are missing from the commercially released .wad. In this pack you will see a few familiar textures, however most of those taken from earlier texture sets and projects have either been heavily tweaked, or completely remade. Without further words, simply take a look at the release thread and download the pack.

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