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Back to Saturn X again!

Back to SaturnIn case you have missed one of the most anticipated releases in 2014, don't worry, here is a reminder: A few days ago esselfortium has posted the next installment of the Back to Saturn X trilogy with the promising title Tower in the Fountain of Sparks. It's not the final release yet but a public beta for your testing pleasure. 

What can be expected? Tower in the Fountain of Sparks takes place on the dark side of Saturn X, where the UAC had set out to uncover the mysteries of the seemingly-abandoned alien cultures that once lived there. Settings include ancient ruins, dilapidated research outposts, gothic temples, and more. As with the previous episode, Tower in the Fountain of Sparks is a fully vanilla-Doom2.exe-compatible mapset, and should be fully compatible with most common ports.

Check the Doomworld thread for more info and support the team with your beta-testing report.

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