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Wolfenstein 3EDGE

Wolf3DGENot totally Doom related but as Doom's grandfather and being based on a new and popular Doom sourceport it deserves its position: CeeJay has just released what he calls a "combination of the Atari Jaguar, the 3DO and the Mac port of Wolfenstein 3D into Doom". Wolfenstein 3DGE is actually a conversion of the original game to a new platform. No gimmicks, no fancy updates just ol' classic fast-paced Wolfenstein action re-created for 3DGE featuring all six episodes (Original and Nocturnal Missions) plus Spear of Destiny with smooth 128x128 sprites and textures, crisp sound effects and CD-quality music. Designed for and requiring a DOOM IWAD and 3DGE 1.36 with 640x480 screen resolution in mind. Download, screenshots and further information can be found here.

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