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Demon Eclipse E1

Demon Eclipse Episode 1

Good news for all those fans of Demon Eclipse: Eriance Blue Shadow has just released the first episode of Eriance's Demon Eclipse mod, made stand-alone. This started last week when he was searching the forum and stumbled upon a post by Eriance in Demon Eclipse's project thread, stating that he is going to drop the first episode of the mod in favor of focusing on the second episode and the hell-tech-themed arsenal. Some of the people who posted later thought that it'd be a shame to see this happen, and would've liked if the episode were to receive a final, "farewell" release. So, Blue Shadow decided to take it upon hisself to do just that. After six days of work, Demon Eclipse's first episode has become its own thing, and with Eriance's official approval, he is able to share it with the rest of you.

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