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A Floppy Disk Full Of Midis

Kinsie Floppy DiskKinsie has just released a little mod for ZDoom that is supposed to be a solution for the D_RUNNIN-rage: A Floppy Disk Full of Midis. Jimmy's Jukebox is a pretty good mod with lots of music. Unfortunately, he found it bugging out when playing certain gameplay mods like Demonsteele, and its ACS is so hilariously complex that he couldn't possibly fix it himself. Demonsteele came with a music randomiser, and Term let me use the code to make his own variant. So after combining Term's and Jimmy's code, the result is a mod that has 314 songs from Doom, Hexen, Heretic and other related music to flick between and fits on a floppy disk. A more detailed information can be found at the development thread over at ZDoom.org including a download.

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