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Finally - a Doom db frontend

Hobomasters Doom FrontendShame on me that I noticed it yesterday and not earlier: Hobomaster22 has released something that I have requested almost a year ago in the Doomworld forums, a comprehensive Doom frontend which also serves as a database for all the mods and maps in the style of D-Fend Reloaded (a DOSBOX frontend) or ECC2 (a frontend for any kind of emulators). The very impressive result which is currently still in development phase can be found here, and in the name of all those other doomers who love to have a sorted archive I suggest you take a look at the frontend, test it and give feedback so the author can do further improvements. It's a real great piece of work and a lot of things are already working quite well, but it still has some issues which need to sorted out. So go, help and support this brilliant piece of program!

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