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The 21st Annual Cacowards

Annual CacowardsAnd there it is: Yet another Doomsday for one of the greatest games in history. For the 21st time now, Doom celebrates its birthday and even though id software already knew about the impact they make, I am sure non of the former members actually expected their game to be modded and ported 21 years after its release. Happy Birthday! Next to that, Doomworld just published their article of the Annual Cacowards and there is a lot of interesting stuff to read through for you:

2014 has been a pretty busy year, and while picking the winners has been relatively easy, the honorable mentions have been a knock-down drag-out brawl. From the way things look, 2015 will be a real blood tornado. The same crew is back from last year, with Alfonzo and I tag teaming the main stuff, dew looking at the multiplayer side of things, and Xaser filling in the holes with glorious, glorious towers. We even managed to get write-ups from Scuba Steve and Quasar! I'd also like to give a shout-out to Brandon D. Lade, who's gone almost an entire year without getting outed on the Doomworld forums, which must take considerable willpower on his part. Here's to another exciting year of Ladespotting.

So, congratulations to all of the winners, looking forward to yet another productive and exciting year with all of you together! Let's go for another one!

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