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Doom Database Frontend @0.9.3

Doom LauncherA few days ago, hobomaster22 has released his latest development version of his Doom frontend DoomLauncher updating it to 0.9.3 and nearing a final release. So what's so special about yet another frontend for Doom? Quite easy to tell: This one's the best in terms of organizing your own database and downloading stuff from /idgames on the fly. It currently features adding various sourceports, automatically adding screenshots to the frontend, organizing IWADs and PWADs, automatic download and integration from /idgames archives, scraping wad information directly from the .txt-file, manual editing of details per entry, a rating function as well as a "last time played" column and many more interesting things. Download the tool, try it, organize your wad archive and let the author know what you think about it or give him some feedback about bugs, feature requests or improvements in the official development thread.

Update on January 6h, 2015
hobomaster22's DoomLauncher is now hosted at the Realm667 with its own info page and development forum. Welcome and good luck with any further progress on that brilliant tool!

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