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DoomBuilder dead?

GZDoomBuilderThe development around CodeImp's DoomBuilder 2 has been very silent in the past years. If you aren't an active member in the forums you might have missed its unofficial successor though. MaxEd is a name that you should remember in the future, not only for his Exhumed conversion we've recently talked about but also his amazing GZDoomBuilder map editor that directly builds on the last released version of DB2. Compared to its origin, the new map editor is absolutely superior, adding features like 3D model support, auto scaling and alignment of walls, flats, preview of dynamic lights in 3D mode and many other amazing things that DB2 is missing but makes mapping for GZDoom so much easier and faster. I've been working with the mapping tool now for several weeks due to WolfenDoom Blade of Agony and I love every single bit of it. And what's even better: The development still continues. You are missing some functionality? No problem, if it's a request that makes sense, post it to the development thread and expect an update within a few days - thanks to MaxEd! Thanks alot for your dedication and the way you are making things easier for so many of us!

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