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A new WolfenDoom beta

WolfenDoom Blade of AgonyFor all those Laz Rojas fanatics and WolfenDoom fans: The Realm667 has just released the second beta of WolfenDoom's first episode, bringing it up to v0.95. We have worked hard on the update, taking care of the community's feedback and demand and implemented many new features and adjustments to the whole mod. Below is a full changelog:

  • Increased treasure count on all maps (200 - 400 coins)
  • Fixed non-friendly chars in the intermap
  • Improved the briefing texts in the intermap
  • Improved the radio messages in the missions
  • Jukebox is now controlled via ZSDF
  • Fixed the "Project Totengr√§ber" blood splat
  • Increased scaling of nazis (from 1.2 to 1.0)
  • Removed the "infrared" trivia
  • Removed the click sounds of radioactive barrels
  • Darren has now a last name, so does Ryan have a surname.
  • Improved the menue (moved options around)
  • Fixed automap overlappings of SBARINFO
  • Changed drop ratios for weapons in all soldier DECORATE
  • Changed the Prisoner behaviour in C1M6 a bit (ZSDF)
  • Toggleable reloading (automatic or manual, boa options)
  • Scalable recoil (boa options)
  • Ejecting brass/shells
  • Added enemy rotations for various actors (attack, pain)
  • Smoother movement for enemies
  • Extended map for Operation: Speerspitze (C1M1)
  • Intermission map dialogues have now mugshots for all NPCs
  • (special thanks to Ed the Bat for most of the gameplay- and codefixes)

Next to that, some maps also went under cosmetic improvements that you will definitely notice. You can find the download and further information at the development thread over at ZDoom. Test it, try it, we are looking forward to your feedback.

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