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Haunted Space?

HauntedIf people haven't heard of Grymmoire yet, or only know him for maintaining the repos on the Realm667, it's definitely about time. He isn't only a reliable person but also a damn fine modder. His current project has the spooky title Haunted and it seems you will get what you expect:

Hunted (alpha stages placeholder name) is a survival horror puzzle map set set on a seemingly abandoned space station. Our protagonist is awoken late at night by loud banging at their door, but no one is on the other side. Grabbing a nearby flashlight they set out to investigate and discovers that everyone on the station has mysteriously disappeared. Along the way the protagonist finds various anomalies that appear to have been set out just for them to find.

The screenshots already speak for themselves, that's for sure. A download isn't available yet but you can check the development thread for further information. The idea looks promising, the mod itself is something totally different and we all should look forward to this and support Grymmoire when possible, even if it's just feedback.

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