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WolfenZDoomDuring January and February 2015, Nightfright was working hard on bringing ZDoom compatibility to all of Laz Rojas' WolfenDoom packs (except for Die Fuhrer Die as it is already included in the Original Missions). Primary goal was not to add too much eye candy, but rather fix bugs and showstoppers. However, some packs have also seen some visual improvements (e.g. fog).

What you can expect

  • Custom MIDI music for ALL packs (no Doom II music any more)
  • Menu optimizations (episode selection screens --> no need to jump to certain maps any more if you start)
  • Custom episode ending texts (where they didn't exist) and cast calls
  • Obituary messages (when enemies kill you), pickup messages
  • Difficulty settings via MAPINFO; progressive boss difficulties
  • Tons of map fixes (e.g. secrets not being recognized, pushwalls not opening, texture errors)
  • Sprite fixes (transparency/centering issues)
  • Occasional ZDoom special effects, e.g. fog or lightning/thunder (as seen in Second Encounter)
  • Widescreen statusbars
  • and a lot more! For details about each pack, please consult the separately included readme files.

Interested? You can find the complete downloads, screenshots and further information in the official development thread at ZDoom.org.

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