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halfamegawardDevianteist is actually one of the newcomer mappers in the community, not very well known yet but working on a project that looks rather promising entitled Half a Megaward. The mappack will be employing a unique transitional style, placing the player in a Tech Base that will then become corrupt by Hell, forcing them to fight their way back through the now warped level. Currently there is only one level, which is nearly finished, of the 8. It is rather difficult, but it can be played through with smart management of supplies and skill. The author says about himself, that he is not too great at DOOM, but you can play through this map in Vanilla GZDoom as well as several mods perfectly fine. In terms of look and style, it feels a lot like Doom 64 or PSXDoom, so if you are into this, you should definitely give it a try.

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