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Prizes are on their way!

DHL Packages on their way!First of all I have to excuse for my lazyness to all of the participants and especially the winners of the Doomj√°-vu contest. I know that the results have already been posted for a while now but I simply didn't find the time to travel to the nearest post station here (which is about 10 miles away) and send the packages that I've prepared ... until today! I finally have sent the prizes packaged to the winners, underway to Italy, Canada, New Zealand and the United Stated (damn, that was expensive). Please let me know as soon as you have received them, feel free to send me a selfie that we can post here on the Realm667. Thanks again for your participation and have fun with your posters, canvas drawings - and with Spikey, the unique plush Doomimp!

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