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Lutz' Hellscape

Lutz HellscapeThe mapper Lutz who's already well known for his project Phobos Anomaly is up to another promising release called Doom II - Hellscape, a mapset that focuses on a reinterpretation (or actually complete new improvement) of Doom II's hell levels. But why?

Here’s a confession: taken as a whole, I cannot stand the Hell levels of Doom II. As far as individual levels go, “The Abandoned Mines” and “The Living End” are two of my favorites from the IWADs, but the rest are either ugly, gimmicky, boring, or some combination thereof (plus, it has been scientifically proven that those levels use the absolute worst sky graphic in the history of ID Software). So, I decided to remake those levels in whatever particular style I may have in hopes of gaining some sort of appreciation for the DoomGuy’s second tour through Hell.

So for the sake of giving a statement towards Shawn Green, check the development thread and give Lutz some motivating feedback, as he is doing a damn fine job - as usual - obviously.

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