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Space Wars released

Doomed Space WarsA good mixture of Doom's gameplay and Dark Forces' visuals, this is what Doomed Space Wars from Paul Corfiatis stands for. The story for this megaward is quite basic: An abandoned imperial space station named "Ondor" has been hijacked by an unknown force and is heading towards our Solar System. The UAC has sent a team of marines there to investigate and they realize that they are in the fight for their lives. Their mission is to seek, destroy and get the hell out of there. What can be expected in terms of content? Star Wars-like maps of semi linear design. Atmospheric architecture and realistic lighting effects, original MP3 soundtrack of original orchestral music composed and produced by the Corfster himself, coloured lighting, reverb, 3D floors, easter eggs, new monsters and challenging gameplay. Considering that Paul is always a source of good stuff, I really suggest trying the mapset, so check the dev-thread which can be found here.

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