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Metal Gear Blazkowicz

WolfenDoom Sneak of AgonyFor those of you who aren't active in the forums at ZDoom.org or Doomworld.com, you might have missed the latest development news from Realm667's very own project WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony. No problem though, we don't forget our loyal visitors here. We are currently focusing on maps and some new and interesting gameplay mechanics that people might already know from games like Thief - Dark Project or Metal Gear Solid: Some kind of "sneak/stealth"-system. MaxED (the programmer who is already well-known for his work on GZDoombBuilder) is currently developing the system and I am working on the map that takes its full advantage. It's quite interesting what can be done with ACS and DECORATE these days and I can already promise you: Expect something that hasn't been seen before in a Doom game. Without spoiling too much: Escaping from a Nazi prison has never been more thrilling...

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