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AshesI've already followed the development of Vostyok's project Ashes for a while now. At the beginning, I already found it a bit too ambitious but since the screenshots proof, that the author knows what he does, it's time to give the mod a bit more attention. So what is this all about?

"Ashes is a Post-apocalypse themed Total conversion, based upon the G/Zdoom port. Set decades after a worldwide catastrophe has reduced parts of the country to toxic wasteland, the player takes on the role of a scavenger searching the ruins of "The City", a once thriving metropolis, for valuable items. Add bands of mutant cannibals, limited ammunition, and a mysterious group of gas-mask wearing para-military types prowling the rubble."

Sounds a bit like Fallout, doesn't it? If this caught your attention, check the official development thread with a demo download and further information and screenshots at ZDoom.org.

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